Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: Bulges and Bumps and Bras, Oh My!

CCG-buldges-bumps-brasYou know that feeling when you wake up on time, your hair fully cooperates, your makeup goes on with the professional ease we all only dream of and you just feel fantastic?! You rush to the full length mirror to take it all in. You expect to see some kick-butt, sassy dame looking back at you – instead you see bulges and bumps.

How could this be? Your outfit matches, your shoes are just right and the superficial adornments you rocked out are smokin’. I hate to tell you this, but it’s what you can’t see that is the problem. It’s your underwear.

Too small, too tight, wrong material – it’s just plain wrong all around. We put a lot of thought into what we look like on the outside and forgot to start with the foundation.

I can not overstate the fact that every woman needs to be measured before they invest in a well-made bra. We all know someone who thinks their 42CC chest can fit into a cheaply made 38C – squeezing them in to accomplish a certain look. The proof is in the final look in the mirror.

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As young girls making that first trek into the lingerie department with your mothers, we may have had a fitting. That particular experience may have clouded our resolve to have another more updated and accurate one.  The fear of a stranger seeing our unclothed selves and measuring us is a pretty scary thought for most.  Luckily, you can accurately measure yourself at home.

Next time I will be sharing my own ‘bad bra fit’ nightmare played out in living color.  It was something I could have prevented had I known what I know now.

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