Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: Lingerie After Dark

Confessions Of A Curvy Girl

Who says because you are over a size 10 that you cannot and should not wear form fitting, sexy sleep wear?  Not this girl.  Sure, I have plenty of things to sleep in that are both comfortable and warm when it needs to be family friendly.  But what about those times when you need something a bit more- adult?

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My opinion of lingerie, specifically the kind I think my husband would like to see, has changed over the years. There has been quite a trajectory from a newly married woman to new mother to exhausted working woman to someone pushing forty. It has become less about the sex appeal of the piece and more about making something work for me, my body type, and the situation.

Most men would argue about what constitutes ‘sexy’ and I definitely do not have enough time or space to debate that here.  But what I do know is that wearing something that makes YOU feel comfortable and is of good quality already sets you off on the right foot.

Confidence- now THAT is sexy!

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