Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: My Bad Bra Nightmare

CCG-bra-nightmareThree years ago I was asked to emcee an event that would require me to be standing on a stage for several hours underneath the hot glare of the spotlight.  It was a formal affair with tuxedos and colorful dresses, well coiffed hair and sparkling accessories.  I was excited.

I shopped all over for just the right dress – one that fit my body style, yet was appropriate for the event.  It was like shopping for a prom dress all over again, but a bit more stressful because on stage there was nowhere to hide – no table to sit behind or podium to cover me up.

I finally found a dress that was about as perfect as I was going to find. I had decided on shoes, a hairstyle and found just the right jewelry to compliment the gown. I even tried it on a few times, a dry run if you will, to make sure I had thought of everything. I felt like I was over thinking it, but apparently not enough.

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The big night finally came and I casually picked through my assorted undergarments to find what would work. I quickly realized that I had forgotten one of the most important details – what I was wearing underneath.  I made due with what I had and hoped for the best.

Little did I know, until watching the recording and seeing the photos, was that I had committed one of the most common faux pas in dressing oneself.  My undergarments left lines that you could see from space, my bra straps would not stay in place and were showing from behind and my cleavage looked as if I was wearing something that may have fit me in middle school. The lights on the stage served to amplify my mistake.  It was bad.

I was horrified.  It didn’t even occur to me at the time to make sure that I built my look based off of the cut of my dress AND bought a bra accordingly.  As a woman I should know better but sadly, many of us miss this detail as well.

Don’t make the same mistake that I did. I have certainly learned my lesson well and now I pay more attention and even find a bra that flatters and accentuates what the dress does for me.  In my opinion a well fitting foundation is your best accessory.

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