Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: Who Needs Resolutions?

Confessions Of A Curvy Girl

A new year is upon us, and it seems like we are all made to feel like we have to make resolutions. We are supposed to find things about ourselves that we want to change. But here is a thought- what if we are happy just the way we are?

Many of us have a hard time embracing details about ourselves that society deems as cosmetically unsatisfactory.  Why do we do this to ourselves? Who decided what is acceptable?

For curvy women, this feeling of self-loathing arrives when we are shopping for clothes. Even worse it comes when we are shopping for swimsuits, lingerie or bras and panties for simple everyday wear.

You can shop and shop for a bra that fits, and may never find the one that truly makes you happy. There may be no magic ‘undergarment’ that lifts you to twenty-one year-old proportions or shaves off 10 pounds as I am not even sure if that exists.

You will pore over magazines longing for that perfect bosom, but does what you see fit what the reality is? Do you even have realistic expectations? You may be hoping for something that will never happen.

I am not trying to bring you down or burst your bubble. Rather, I am trying to bring your feet to the ground.  I may never be what Sir Mix a Lot chanted is his perfect size: a 36. But do I really want to fit in that mold? I am pretty sure that women are right now at this very minute paying good money to fill a 38D. In fact, I know they are.

So in this, the first month of a new year, how about we accept the things we cannot change and flaunt what makes us-well, us. Our curves, our sassy style and our real-life bodies.  I may never be a 34-36 B, but I sure as heck will rock out my 38+ lingerie like it’s my job.

Heather Tallman is an Indiana-based food writer, blogger and creator of a cooking and family life website.

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