Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: Workout Wonder Bra?

Confessions Of A Curvy Girl

So I have recently started a new exercise routine.  As a former runner, I have been off the workout wagon for the last few years.  I have never been, at least since the age of 22, what you would call trim.  What I have tried to maintain though is a healthy amount of movement and exercise. For me, it is not about the numbers per se.  I want to feel great, stay healthy, and look good.  I do not place a size on that mental piece of mind.

My new routine is based around the Kettlebell Workout. I chose it because I wanted something low impact and easy to learn, something that is less a fad and more of a life skill. I also didn’t want to have to invest in a completely new wardrobe and specialized equipment just for this class.

What I did buy, however, were a few new bras especially designed for exercise.  And not only do they look good, they provide the support I need for my back, shoulders and chest when lifting those 18-60 pound kettlebells.

Finding a material that works for you, allows your skin to breathe and wicks moisture away is tricky but I knew where to look for a good selection that was made for both performance and looks.

Find a selection of athletic bras at along with a one of a kind sizing system to find the perfect fit that will prevent injury, give the support you need and leave you feeling a bit more confident when sweating for good health.

Heather Tallman is an Indiana-based food writer, blogger and creator of a cooking and family life website.

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