Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: Hand Wash, Drip Dry

Confessions Of A Curvy Girl
No matter when or where you grew up, we all had that grandmother who hung her undergarments out to dry. My grandmother was one to do so. I vividly remember walking into her dark bathroom and right into a steel girder reinforced brassiere. It was so large; I swear it could cradle a baby over your shoulder!

The media has reinforced the practice of hand washing your intimates in the sink and hanging them to dry over the shower curtain rod. At least in my lifetime, this was certainly the practice. Now we fast-forward to today and realize our time is precious. We don’t have time to spend sorting through our delicates from the washer to the dryer, even though we should.

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We split our undergarments into two different categories: important, expensive garments and the clearance deals. The expensive pairs require the hand wash/hang dry care technique our grandmothers, mothers, and even some of us use. You spend the kind of money on something so important; you need to make sure it lasts! You then have your clearance deals, where they unfortunately fall into the mix of general laundry. Forget hanging them out to dry, those suckers go straight in the dryer!

If you are short on time and patience, there is a way to delicately care for your intimates without ruining them: the lingerie bag. It is a zippered, mesh bag that will hold a few bras and panties protecting them wrapping around other items in the wash. This does not mean you can just throw the bag into the dryer! You still need to take out your delicates to hang dry.

So ladies, here it is: If you take the time to get “fitted” for a nice, well-fit quality bra, then you need to follow through with proper care. No one wants to be seen in an old, stretched out bra or even worse, one that has shrunk and is too small!

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