Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: Does Advertising Work?

Confessions Of A Curvy Girl
A few weeks ago I mentioned I was crowdsourcing for material. I did this to make sure I was still talking about topics all of YOU were interested in. By the way—if you are reading this—I would love to see a comment from you below.

A few of the things “you” all wanted me to talk about was fitting room experiences (check), how to find the perfect fit (check) and now—the illusion that brands want to market to “curvy girls.”

So there are the stores that cater to the plus 38D crowd, there are sites that sell larger sizes and there are brick and mortar stores that only stock sizes larger than what you can find at the mall. The question is—should couture brands cater to the larger sized clientele?

Back in the day when I was a perky 34B, I was able to shop pretty much anywhere. The mall, boutiques—you name it, I bought it. Now that I am a sizable 38 plus, my options are dwindling. The downside is I have about 5 brands to shop from, the upside is I can buy styles I love and not be restricted by size.

What I cannot fathom is why brands speak out against feeling pressure to represent “larger” sizes and curvy girls! Not every shopper is a firm 32B and knowing that seems to be the golden ticket to high volume sales. I think trends in the undergarment department need to fluctuate like the rest of the areas of clothing—shoes, dresses, etc.

The bottom line is this—just because I am a 40DD doesn’t mean I can’t rock a La Perla Antonietta Push Up Bra. But until they offer sizes in my range—I can’t. “Things are getting better and times—they are a changin”.

Can designer brands carry my size? Are we afraid to talk about WHY they don’t?

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