Confessions of a Curvy Girl: Cleared That Hurdle

Jacqueline Wells

confessions of a curvy girl
For me, getting through February 14th is like sneaking in after curfew without my parents noticing. I tiptoe quietly hoping they won’t notice and get quietly into bed. Do I detest Valentine’s Day? You betcha.

It’s not the actions that are supposed to happen on this day—share the love and all—that bother me. It’s that there is SO much emphasis on performing on this particular day, above all days, that eats at me. So I choose to give my sons a few sweet treats they wouldn’t normally get and call it a day. I hear from so many friends who lament that their white knight didn’t show up for the big event.

I ask them if the person in their life even KNEW they had all of these expectations and often the answer is no. So how can someone treat you to a big night if they didn’t know you wanted this in the first place? Especially if when they ask you what you want to do and you say the two words every man hates to hear: surprise me.

Well, no wonder you were disappointed! Last I checked, humans could not read minds. Call me crazy, but if you don’t discuss your expectations beforehand then you are most certainly destined to be disappointed.

Expectations kill romance!

So herein lies one of the many reasons I choose not to get all verklempt about this day. If you have a consistent conversation about feelings and all of that touchy feely stuff then you don’t need a special day. Keep it spicy all the time or at least as much as you can muster around kids, jobs, schedules and life.

Need a starting point? A conversation starter? Look no further.

You’re welcome.