Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: Comfortably Crowdsourcing

Confessions Of A Curvy Girl
One of the benefits to having a large online social network is whenever I need to answer a puzzling question, get input on a purchase or gather information, I can cast my net and catch many great answers.

Recently, I posed a question on one of my social platforms asking for feedback on what many would consider their greatest challenge in the underwear department. I expected one word answers, or at the very least, some snarky comments. Instead, what I got was an eye-opening stream of dialogue that was at times both shocking and sad. I knew what my deepest fears were when it came to shopping for undergarments. I had no idea I was not alone. As a matter of fact, I think Iā€™m in the majority.

As a result of my crowdsourcing, I have decided to tackle the top four responses I received ā€” one post at a time. One thing I know for sure, and I simply cannot stress enough, is knowing your size and accepting it. Going into a fitting or sitting down to order online is not the first step. You need to know your measurements and accept you might not like what you see.

Without fail, I use the HerRoom Bra Size Calculator before purchasing not only bras, but also shapewear and swimwear. It offers everything you need to know about measuring yourself and ordering what you need ā€” not what you wish you needed.

Check back here often to see what the ladies in my life have to say. I would guess that it will resonate with you as well ā€” no matter your size.

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