Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: Convertible Bras, Not Cars

Jacqueline Wells

confessions of a curvy girl
I cannot overstate the importance of owning one convertible bra. Take a leap and pick one up the next time you are shopping on Why? ALL of those cute shirts and dresses you wish you could wear but never buy!

I was that girl. I saw so many cute one-shoulder or off-the-shoulder shirts and avoided them. I am not a fan of bandeau or strapless bras so I never bought those styles I loved. The shirts were not the problem, the bras were. I just hadn’t found a good one yet that fit all of my weird strap needs!

Finally, I found this dress I absolutely loved. I needed it for a formal event here locally and I wasn’t willing to find another dress just to suit my bra selection. So I hopped online, measured myself carefully and ordered what I knew I needed—a convertible strap bra.

I am glad I did because it came in at a perfect fit. I have worn it several times since then and even bought a few tops that I thought I would never be able to wear. What is the alternative?

I will tell you because I saw it while in line at a major league baseball game yesterday—wearing a bra without the straps on your shoulders. Like tucked into the sides of the bra. No, really—just no!

So to help out mankind I am suggesting, again, that we all run out, or online, and buy a convertible bra. Those ladies who are behind you in line will thank you. Trust me.