Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: Cooling Down The Sweaty Sisters

curvy girl
I have a confession to make. This is the place isn’t it? This column isn’t called Confessions of a Curvy Girl for nothing!

It’s July and I have a generous bosom. There is no sugarcoating that fact. What do large breasts, heat and humidity produce? Some sweaty sisters! Sad, but true. Don’t you wish there were a product on the market to help with that? I wish there had been before I humiliated myself at lunch last week. Lunch with a client. Lunch with a client outside, in the sun, on an 85 degree day.

You could use your imagination but don’t. Just don’t. Let me tell the story.

I got all dressed up to meet a client I only see twice a year. We met for lunch at a beautiful outdoor eatery, one of my favorites actually. We chose to dine alfresco because it was a day too perfect to spend indoors. I was wearing a great purple sundress. I remembered to wear sunscreen on my face, the wind was blowing the right direction. I got it right that day.

As the sun shone down upon us, and lunch turned into a planning session and hibiscus cocktails, we finally wrapped up two hours later. As we stood up to leave, I noticed a shocked look cross my client’s face. As he looked away (probably desperately trying to un-see the sight) I looked myself over to see if I had spilled food on myself (could have happened) or something else embarrassing.

If only I was wearing my food.

To my horror, I found huge sweat marks underneath my breasts. My perfect purple dress was marked with the unmistakable signs of a sweaty woman blessed with curves.

I was mortified. I quickly grabbed my purse and laptop to block the sight so I could regain just a bit of composure and self-respect. I looked like a truck stop hobo. To his credit, he never mentioned it and rebounded the situation quite nicely. He has a wife and daughters so I am sure this is something he has seen before. But still.

I wish I had known about these comfortable spacer foam bras available on HerRoom’s website sooner!

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