Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: Feet On Display

Jacqueline Wells

confessions of a curvy girl
You know that person who wears flip flops at the first sign of a day warmer than forty degrees— the one that has the toes of nightmares? We all know someone like that. Let’s be honest. I know someone like that and once I casually mentioned that before I bare my feet to the world I like to have a pedicure.

I was reminded by said person that not everyone can get a pedicure and I was being a little to prissy. Not at all I said. I then shared a few of my home DIY tips to gaining clean and sandal-worthy feet. I figured we all could use a reminder.

Invest in a simple plastic tub. One that holds a gallon of water and, of course, your feet. Remove all polish and soak your feet in warm water with Epsom salt. For more benefits, use a few drops of tea tree oil, witch hazel, or peppermint oil. This is a nice treat 3-4 times a week.

Exfoliate feet with a grainy foot scrub made out of coarse salts or sugars. Do this in a circular motion and rinse away. Using a pumice stone is helpful. I keep mine in the shower for quick touch ups when I start to feel rough.

Keep your toenails trimmed, but not too short. Finish feet off with a daily foot cream or moisturizer. I find the best benefit is when I moisturize right out of the shower or bath. I occasional slather my feet in lotion and sleep with socks on. This is an easy way to keep feet soft.

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