Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: Happy Anniversary

Jacqueline Wells

confessions of a curvy girl
Happy anniversary to you. Yes, you. It has been one year this month that I have been contributing to the HerRoom blog and I have you to thank! Not only have you been clicking on this site week after week the last 12 months, but you are also interacting on social media, retweeting the links and having a conversation about how size is all relative. Even better—you are finding what you like on the HerRoom website and that makes me happy.

I think one thing we all struggle with is body image. It may be our nose, our flat hair, too many freckles or that muffin top that just won’t go away. We all have something we are trying to hide, cover up or enhance. I am no exception, but the older I get (I am not old—I just said older…) the more I realize that these little cosmetic ‘imperfections’ are what make me—me. My hair does its thing, I am always going to be carrying extra weight (no matter how hard I work to keep it off) and I am never going to be taller. Yes, I do wish I was taller.

I think the magic is in the decision to not make these issues a priority. I am still going to wear that dress, try that hairstyle and walk tall. Because the feeling of pulling it all off when the odds are stacked against you makes it all worth it.

Furthermore, unless something changes, I am always going to wear at least a C cup and be looking for sexy, comfortable bras in a size over 36. If my funny little weekly posts help YOU find what you are looking for, then I am doing my job—one embarrassing story and bra rant at a time.

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