Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: Jiggle & Shimmy

Confessions Of A Curvy Girl
Never has a phrase elicited as many giggles as the words “jiggle and shimmy.” What am I talking about? The sage advice of a well-meaning, yet direct salesperson at a local full-figured clothing retailer. Why was she suggesting this customer do this — and saying it loud enough for the world to hear? Because the customer apparently had their bra “installed” incorrectly. She had “poppage.”

So, first let me give a silent clap to the sales person for inventing her own vernacular to sling at guests in the store. Secondly, I should point out that rarely will you get a serious reaction to being told you have incorrectly installed your bra. It’s not a closet shelving system or a light bulb. It’s the single most important thing going on under your shirt. It’s what keeps you up, what defines your silhouette — you don’t install that.

Although she may have gone about it in an unusual way, I know what she means. The customer in question, in her own words, “I was wearing an underwire bra — I’d pulled the wires out with pliers when they broke and started to draw blood — that didn’t exactly keep the girls standing at attention.”

She may have guessed at her size and the resulting effect from the incorrect one was some “poppage” or spilling out of the top of the cup. The simple fix — measure and go up a cup or band size. The snappy sales girl suggested she bend over, grab the flesh and jiggle and shimmy it into place.

Well, it worked because the customer found her perfect fit. Like rays of light shining down from the heavens she found a bra that fit! Even better — she said it made her look somewhat thinner through the middle. (Insert hallelujah chorus here)

Her next words were music to the store’s ears: “I’ll take one in every color!”

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