Confessions of a Curvy Girl: Life Lesson

Jacqueline Wells

confessions of a curvy girl
The thing about life is there is no handbook and with all of the influences on our psyche from movies and the internet, it is no wonder we feel like we never measure up. With 24/7/365 messages plastered with the perfect legs, beach blown hair and perfect lives it is hard to dissect the truth from the fiction.

Recently, I had the opportunity to share my own story of my perpetual weight yo-yo on local television. Coming off of a string of comments about my weight fluctuations, I felt it was time to talk about a subject so many of avoid: weight.

I shared about how losing 165 pounds years ago then gaining about half of it back was a struggle that was real. Perception from others, self-imposed criticism and the low self esteem that comes with this was something I thought needed to be discussed. Because other than my weight, I am a fairly happy person with enough confidence to get me by in life.

But I have to avoid falling prey to ads, and social media—a lot. I know enough to know that those photos are rarely accurate and are not indicative of the real women I know. They are just fixtures used to sell something.

I want to see more people like me, in my stage of life, talking about how hard it is to stay on top of your own life. Because let me tell you—trying to lose weight, weight that you have regained, is difficult. It seems exponentially harder than it was the first time, but I am determined to lose all of this before I turn 40—which is not all that far off.

Until then, I am strapping on a super supportive bra and moving my ass off. Literally.

Here is my favorite right now from Elomi.