Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: Lift And A Smile

curvy girl
So apparently I have been living under a rock this summer. It appears I have been oblivious to this news and have turned a deaf ear to the rumors.

No, I am not talking about the newest gossip about the royal family or the Kardashians—I am talking about the medical news that has hit the fan. Apparently, doctors are perfecting a sort of ‘built-in bra’. Yes, you read that right. It appears that for some, strapping on a harness for breasts has become a daily encumbrance.

I have ranged in size from a 32A to a 42DD and never once have I thought to myself how nice it would be to insert plastic mesh in to my breast tissue to keep the girls perky so I can forgo a bra. Never.

Apparently, I am in the minority here. It seems women really DO think about how nice it would be to not have to worry about it. Am I the only one that finds the thought of a doctor enhancing my breasts in such a way as to make them permanently perky to be disturbing?
I actually would like to hear from one of you who holds an opposite opinion here.

A friend likened this procedure to wearing contacts to aid your vision or braces to straighten your teeth. I never really thought breasts were a condition that needed to be remedied. Frankly, I think a well-made bra makes you look sexy and defines your shape. Am I wrong here?

Supporters of this soon to be available procedure say this is a move in raising self-esteem and refining a procedure many have undergone to lift their breasts. Traditionally, a breast lift involves tissue being removed and remaining tissue can stretch over time. This new ‘lift job’ will insert a synthetic material that will not stretch and is durable.

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