Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: Like A Road Map

Confessions Of A Curvy Girl
In an earlier post, I alluded to two problems that I had basically done to myself for years. They were caused by being a tad bit lazy and not wearing a bra as much as I should. The first problem was a raw and red rash that I sometimes got when I sported my favorite non-supportive tanks every day.

The other issue is somewhat worse and something my mother warned me would happen. Of course I didn’t listen. The end result: stretch marks. I don’t mean the ones you typically get when your size fluctuates or after giving birth. I mean the kind you get when you are not wearing a well-fitted and supportive bra.

By wearing a bra that doesn’t fit properly or worse – not wearing one at all – I have torn some of my soft tissue. It is breaking down and allowing small stretch marks to form. Visualize a bit of sag marred by what appears to be a light silver roadmap. As if I don’t have enough to worry about, my apparent zest for being comfortable may have sent the sisters south.

In order to combat this issue, I treat my skin topically with creams and serums. I know they will never completely disappear but I have also replaced my old worn out sports bra style tops with newer, more supportive ones. Hindsight is 20/20 and as much as I hate to say it – I am just not built to go bra-less.

Do you have issues with breast skin irritation? Next time I am sharing a few of my favorite tips for curvy new moms. That is a whole other topic in and of itself!

In the meantime, check out these supportive sports bra options.

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