Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: A Raw Deal

Confessions Of A Curvy Girl
Recently, I shared with you my love affair with the two in one tank. You know, the ones I wore in the yard where I thought no one could see me? I’ll admit, they aren’t the best look for me, but it gets hot and humid in the summer and generally no one was there watching me pull weeds.

The reason I am retiring this part of my wardrobe is that I have encountered two problems with my summer yard work attire. It has taken me forever to connect the dots! As you follow along, I am sure you will be quicker on picking up the details than I was. The first problem I will share now and the second will come in the next post here on the HerRoom blog.

As the days get warmer and I begin to disrobe at the end of the evening, I start to notice a slight red rash under my breast tissue. Stepping into the shower is a bit painful and for the last few summers I attributed it to my tanks being a tad bit too small.

That was only part of the problem. I assumed it was from being a bit sweaty from all of my work coupled with the humidity and temperature. I soon discovered that this was a common complaint from many women. I dove in to find the root of this problem and realized that when you wear an underwire bra you need to make sure it fits nicely in the crevice between your breast and rib tissue. If your breast is allowed to sit on the rib tissue area but then gets squished together with underwire on top, it may result in an uncomfortable and sometimes painful irritated area.

One way to combat this is to wear a bra with a band that allows for proper underwire placement in the crease or wear a bra with a soft underwire instead. I have now found several options on, so this summer I will not suffer from something I did to myself! I am sure my neighbors will also thank me for wearing more, so it’s a win-win all around.

Check out this tank with a built-in supportive bra that is cute enough to wear alone!

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