Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: Red Carpet Glam

Jacqueline Wells

Confessions Of A Curvy Girl
A few weeks ago I was invited to a red carpet event associated with the Indianapolis 500. Keep in mind I am not a sports fan, let alone a race fan. Nonetheless, I went for the good of the team and because I like fancy dresses.

I found a couture dress I absolutely loved at a local store. I tried it on and found it was a curvy girl’s dream. It was made with stretchy fabric and it zipped up the front. That’s a bonus for ladies that are busty like me.

I bought the dress and went on the hunt for accessories and shoes. This was a big deal. As I have said before, what you wear UNDER your clothes is as important as the clothes you wear. The gauntlet was thrown down. It was on.

I took my dress with me to 3 separate shoe stores to make sure I liked what I was trying on and finally—we had a winner. I am pretty sure I didn’t implement this level of care when I was a 17-year-old girl going to prom.

Once that was all settled I ordered a bra that would perfectly enhance the dress I selected: this convertible bra. It worked perfectly for the dress I had and then later for future use. A win-win!

So, with the perfect dress, the best bra I could find and great accessories, I rocked this event. That is a great feeling by the way. My husband looked fantastic and I didn’t worry the whole night if I looked okay. I knew I did.

Be prepared—buy a bra that fits any function. A convertible bra does just that. Please don’t be the woman at the party with a backless dress and a bare bra.