Confessions of a Curvy Girl: Represent?

Jacqueline Wells

confessions of a curvy girl
Recently, Sports Illustrated made headlines because they had announced that a ‘plus sized’ model was brought into the fold. At a voluptuous size 12, they had checked an item off of their literary bucket list. Hire curvy girl—check!

But wait a minute, did you catch my sarcasm here? Size 12 is plus-sized? In what world? According to CNN it is. When you compare models of previous issues and their size 0 frames to a size 12 it does appear that she would look ‘plus sized’. But in the real world this school of thought doesn’t hold water.

When the average American woman is a standard size 14, it appears that 12 is as high as SI is willing to go. CNN asked: Ever wanted a Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition with even more curves?” I can’t help thinking this is destined to fail.

I regretfully asked some men, all over 40, what they thought of this. I was incensed that they considered a size 12 plus -sized and wondered out loud why more real women were not gracing the pages of this yearly edition. Their answer: men weren’t looking at SI for ‘real women’. They were looking for the fantasy.

I mean, as a woman, what do you do with information like this?

Nothing. I do nothing with it. There are perceptions about women of size that I may be able to change. Winning hearts and minds and all of that jazz. But men (and, yes, women) are going to like what they like and that is a personal choice. I can’t influence that.

But I can have conversations with my OWN husband and sons about body image, looking past the gloss and seeing what is inside. That I can control. Those minds I can shape. I can only influence what MY husband wants to see in me.

So I applaud SI for including a faux plus-sized model to grace the pages of this truly inspiring (gag) issue. I did make note that there is a more true representation of a curvy model in one of the pages, but it is a paid ad. Imagine that.

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