Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: ’Tis The Season

Jacqueline Wells

confessions of a curvy girl
I feel a bit bad that my column last week unfortunately focused on the hot mess that is Kim Kardashian. I mean, it IS the holidays after all and talk of her should have no place this month. I apologize.

I was reminded of perspective this month when I had coffee with an old friend who is taking care of her husband that has cancer. He is going through some rough treatments, but his prognosis is great and a year from now they will hopefully have all of this behind them.

We were talking about the holidays and shopping inevitably came up. She and I agreed it is so stressful when it doesn’t need to be. Eventually the conversation turned to sharing gifts with others that actually matter after the paper is ripped apart and the bows are popped. What is left? A mixer? A pair of slippers?

She and I both agreed that what makes giving special is what it does for us. If there is something that we know would mean the world to the recipient, then it is exciting to be able to give that to them. I have had that exact experience two times in my family. I sold something to buy a special gift for a special person that related to what they already had. That person sold that item to buy me a gift that related to what I sold.

We all know someone that needs to be lifted up in some way whether it be an hour without the kids or a gift card to buy a personal item that they really need. I have a certain person in mind that needs the comfort and confidence of a new bra. The fact that she confided this to me means this is a gift that will be well received (it would help to know this first).

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