Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: Warm Days And Cool Nights

Jacqueline Wells

confessions of a curvy girlI am not sure where you all live, but where I live it has been a monsoon for most of the summer. Intermittent warm and sunny days with stormy, rainy days in between. It has wreaked havoc on plants and crops. Not to mention my tan.

Cloudy skies and crazy humidity are not what I like to call ‘perfect summer weather.’ But up in here we make lemonade out of these sour lemons! We have late evening cocktail parties on the deck under the twinkling lights hung from the branches of the trees in our backyard. Sparkling wine dotted with frozen berries we picked in our neighborhood and light appetizers that are from a hand-me-down recipe.

Changing up the look and feel of a traditional dinner party by taking it outdoors and under cove allows guests to dress in a more laid back way. This has opened up many possibilities in my wardrobe because I have SO many items of clothing for those in-between seasons. Light sweaters, thin wraps and lightweight pants and tops.

Low lighting, the hum of cicadas and the sound of toads around the pond create an atmosphere that is comfortable and iconically summer. You want to look good. You want to be comfortable.

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