Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: Weird Bras. Why?

Confessions Of A Curvy Girl
I am a fairly conservative person, but every once in a while I let my hair down and have a little fun. I have dance parties in the kitchen, stay up late to watch a whole season of a show on Netflix – you get the idea.

Rarely do I ever think, “Heather, you really need to cut loose tonight. You should totally wear a bra made out of bacon to dinner with your friends.” Wouldn’t that make for a fun picture on Instagram! Actually, the thought of wearing a brassiere made out of any meat has never crossed my mind. Yet, when I did a search on the inter-webs for ‘weird bras’ that is the first one that came up.

Along with the bacon bra, I also found the glow in the dark bra- for you know- all of the raves we go to. Next, I found one that has 2 inch metal spikes dotted everywhere on the cups. That will so match my new black boots.

After that, I stumbled upon the one made entirely of sequins. Let me just tell you, from my years in dance class, sequins on bare skin equal torture and pain. Don’t do it. Moving on!

These finds made a coconut bra seem tame! Next I discovered the underwear that is made from Christmas lights. Multi-colored and sparkly, they even twinkle!

Tennis balls, baseball mitts, bags of fish in water, flames- you name it, it’s been made into a bra.

So other than a party, Halloween, or some strange ritual – where would you ever wear these? Give me one of my favorite bras from HerRoom any day. Because, really, I don’t need a bag of fish in water on my breasts!

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