Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: Beach Ready

Confessions Of A Curvy Girl

It’s “Back to School” season, and if the kids are on a balanced calendar then you’re probably planning your Fall Break beach destination. If you’re anything like me, my swimwear isn’t in it’s tip-top shape after a busy summer season; and especially not ready for a fall beach vacation. It’s time to look around for some updated pieces!

I was stunned to learn many of my friends have been wearing the same swimwear for years. In fact, some are bordering on a decade.

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I am lucky if I can get two summers out of my bathing suits. I’m not hard on them, but I must not be taking the proper care steps. Because of the brief shelf life I’ve had with my suits, I tend to buy the cheapest suits I can find.

In the next few installments, I will be sharing how I found the perfect swimsuit in fit, feel, and look. You can look and feel confident both in and out of the water! I am ready for our family vacation, and this time I will not be hiding in the back row for family pictures!

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