Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: Rinse And Repeat

Confessions Of A Curvy Girl

Caring for swimwear is similar to how you care for your lingerie. This is an investment you are protecting; take time to research, read labels and do it the right way.

Many factors cause the swimsuit fabric to break down: heat, excessive wear and worst of all, chlorine. Follow these simple steps and you will extend the life of your “Hot Momma” beach apparel.

From the hot tub to the beach, chlorine breaks down the spandex of your suit and ruins the shape. It can also fade the fabric.

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Avoid suntan oils and sunscreens getting on your fabric. Not only is it hard on the texture of the suit, it will mostly likely leave a permanent mark. Although sometimes hard to do, try to stay away from sitting on rough surfaces. They will pill the seat of your suit. Take it from me ­ sitting on a nice patch of sand laced with hidden rocks may spell disaster for your swimsuit.

Rinse your suit in cold water, squeeze out the excess water and hang to dry between washes. This simple quick care step makes a world of difference! And truth be told, you should be doing this with your lingerie. Try to steer clear of the washing machine; however, if you must use one, invest in a lingerie bag. The best practice is to hand wash your swimwear with a mild detergent. And NEVER place your suits in the dryer.

So if you have one, enjoy your Fall Break! Arm yourself with a bit of information to be beach ready just in time for the warm feeling of summer. Shop now for great end of the season deals on swimwear, cover ups and wraps.

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