Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: Too Tight, Too Loose or Just Right

Confessions Of A Curvy Girl
Women spend the most time in the morning picking out their outfits. Do we dress for comfort? Function? Or fashion? Of course our job’s dress code comes into play. For example, my work’s dress code is business professional, with the exception of Fridays. On Friday we are allowed to wear business casual.

The atmosphere in the office changes when Fridays roll around; it’s lighthearted and everyone seems to be in a better mood. I love Fridays! Not only because it is the end of the workweek, but I ditch my heels for flats and I may even go as far as to say I’m more productive.

There is one thing I enjoy more than Friday: peeling off my bra after a long day, especially one that doesn’t fit very well. And by “not fitting well”, I mean I bought the wrong size or the bra was ruined in the washing process.

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I forget to stay on top of my laundry and so I find myself rummaging deep into my backup bras. There may or may not be bras in there that are over 10 years old. Why do I keep them? Who am I kidding?

The whole point of this cautionary tale is follow the same ruling you have for your clothes. If it doesn’t fit, is older than your last relationship, or was made in a year that starts with 19, get rid of it! You’re not doing yourself any favors keeping outdated, stretched out, or aging undergarments.

Would you be embarrassed if one of your friends saw what was hidden in the depths of your panty drawer? If you answered YES, then it’s time to get rid of them. Who knows, you may have discovered in the time since your last fitting and bra purchase, your size has changed. You may be doing more damage than good by wearing a misfit bra.

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