Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: The Dreaded Nip Slip

Confessions Of A Curvy Girl
I mentioned this a few months ago, but I get a fair amount of material for my Confessions of a Curvy Girl column from real life experiences—the people I see, the mistakes I make and the crazy that is celebrity fashion. I can only share so much of what really happens to me and frankly there is SO MUCH MORE I am holding back. You know, decorum and all. It’s hard being a lady.

In all honesty, it’s really more about not wanting to humiliate myself any further than I already have. You all will start to think I am a nut job or a lush. I have documented such failures here like wearing a sheer dress on stage and unknowingly showing the world my lingerie, losing a breast enhancer insert on the floor of a restaurant and now I am sharing what is quite possibly the worst of all.

A nip slip. Yes, you read that right. It was seen not by one, but by many.

You know, in my real life I am actually quite put together. But last week I performed a cooking demonstration for 3 hours at a new local grocery store. It was pretty standard stuff—fantastic recipes, wonderful guests, answering questions. The grocery store took promotional shots all afternoon, all three hours of it, and shared them on all of their social media channels. Tagging me and the whole nine yards. It was great.

I was wearing a cute new top that was black and white stripes with a woven bodice. Think two-inch wide strips of fabric woven together to create a neat effect. I assumed that they were sewn together—these loosely woven straps. Nuh uh. No way. That would have been too simple.

I wore this shirt alone with a t-shirt bra that was very thin and very white. As I was cooking, at some point in the first 2 hours, the straps had separated and without me knowing, my entire left breast worked its way out of my shirt. So, where there should have been cute stripes there was one very sheer and exposed breast. Rather, a very exposed nipple.

No one told me and I only noticed when I picture popped up on my Facebook page. There in all of its glory was left boob. Wonderful.

Next time I am cooking for hundreds of people I will test out my outfit first. I will also wear this bra I bought from HerRoom.

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