Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: Favorite Sports Bras For The Gym

Jacqueline Wells

Confessions Of A Curvy Girl
Oh my goodness, in this day and age why anyone doesn’t wear a sports bra to exercise is beyond me. You can find them at any price point and let’s face it ladies—they are very comfortable. I recently had a conversation with a woman at the gym about this exact topic. I broke all of my rules about the gym and answered a question, using words, when a stranger struck up a convo at the weight station.

Yes, I am one of those people who doesn’t want to socialize while at the gym. I am sweating, I am usually about to fall over. The last thing I want to do is make eye contact and speak to people. Rude, but true.

While searching for the 10 pound dumbbell, a woman beside me asked me where I bought my sports bras. Taken aback at this personal question, and wanting to expedite her departure, I answered without thinking: I told her I liked to have variety and I had recently found some with cooling fabric. Wondering how and why she asked me that particular question I realized you could see much of mine through my shirt. She was satisfied with my answer and moved on.

As she left, I noticed the reason she may have been asking. Underneath her workout tank top was an exposed 18 hour bra style brassiere. It was just hanging out where anyone could see it. I am pretty sure she would not step into the grocery dressed like that so why the gym?

Feeling slightly guilty for what I was thinking about her, I walked over and shared a few names of styles and brands to follow up on her question. If she was new to exercising or dressing for the gym I didn’t want to be the one to make all of that harder. We had a nice, quick chat and I went about my business.

I guess the point of all of this is that some people need just a bit of help but I am not one to give unsolicited advice. That’s not cool.

One of the styles I suggested was THIS one from HerRoom. Perfect for the summer heat and humidity.