Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: Take Out The Toxic

Jacqueline Wells

confessions of a curvy girl
My grandmother once said that a smart pair of shoes, good lipstick and a current haircut would take you far. When I was younger I didn’t get this. Now that I am sneaking up on 40, I think she was on to something. I would like to add healthy-looking skin and good oral health to her list

But this is February and good skin is hard to achieve in an atmosphere that is full of dry air, wool sweaters and comfort food. As someone who struggles maintaining their weight, I admit that the condition of my skin is often overlooked.

You get busy, you rush through your routine and, frankly, you are cold! It IS February, after all! It seems like I have to have so many components fall into line at the same time to even walk out the door sometimes.

Recently I have discovered natural looking, oiled tights. The look of bare skin and the shine of smooth skin. The perfect accessory  for walking out of the house looking like the smoking hot thing you are.

Maybe it is smoke and mirrors. Maybe I want great looking legs to deflect from my curves that I don’t always want to flaunt. Either way, I feel better.

What is your best accessory tip?