5 active wear essentials for yoga lovers this season

Jacqueline Wells

You’ve been hibernating for months. It’s time to unfurl those cozy limbs and get stretching. Spend the spring tapping into your inner Zen in style with these need-to-have active wear essentials for yoga lovers. Whether you’re resting in savasana or sweating it out scorpion style, you’re going to be on the cutting edge of fashion, comfort, and trend.

Brooks Moving Comfort

1) Brooks Moving Comfort Maia Underwire Sports Bra

We’ve heard yoga called “low-impact” before, but we all know it can be a rigorous trial for your body. We adore this Brooks Moving Comfort Maia Underwire Sports Bra. Hold yourself together without the awful constricting feeling of so many sports bras. Do away with the antiquated idea that you need to have your chest duct taped up to feel secure. Find support while maintaining your femininity and never curving your athletic desires.


2) Falke Invisible Sneaker Sock

Looking for a seamless transition from the gym to the yoga studio? Don’t get caught looking full on normcore with bulky crew socks. Leave it in 1995! We love these low cut invisible sneaker socks. They provide coverage for the whole foot and keep our gym style looking hip and versatile. No cumbersome tube socks weighing us down.

Soybu Aria Tank

3) Soybu Aria Tank

Sometimes we feel flat out frumpy on our way to the studio. Don’t deny that you haven’t seen the cool girl with the ohm tattoo and criss cross sports bra at the front of the class and thought “I want to look like that.” Well you can! You don’t have to go full exposure to keep cool both style wise and temperature. We love the security of this form fit open back criss-cross tank. Do away with that ratty t-shirt and actually get excited to throw on your workout attire.


Under Armour

4) Under Armour HeatGear Pure Stretch Cheeky Panty

Get your Namaste on and go commando! Is what we would if that wasn’t so uncomfortable during an hour and a half of sweaty Bikram. But how do you avoid the bothersome panty line? It’s difficult to empty your mind when you’re worried about the mat behind you judging your very visible wedgie. Under Armour has blessed us with the perfect solution. These ultra comfortable HeatGear equipped panties keep you dry, comfortable and sweat-induced-wedgie free. The middle back seam adds some serious definition to your bum and lets you flow worry free of those VPL’s.

Under Armour

5) Under Armour UA Fly By Run Compression Capri

Yet again, Under Armour to the yogi’s rescue. Sometimes we want a little more coverage that the itty, bitty, yogi shorts, but a full legging is a bit much. Meet in the middle with these wonderful compression capris. There are perfect for generating that inner heat, but not that outer heat rash. Feeling jazzed after a seriously centering session? Jog home to your favorite jams secure knowing your stylish capris have a waterproof media player pocket on back of right hip with zip closure and headphone port.


It may take you a couple of weeks to be fully ready to say goodbye to heavy soup and sweater season, but encourage yourself by investing in top of the line yogi and athletic apparel. Thank yourself for your practice and your unparalleled fashion sense. Namaste.