Bathing Suit Styles for Your Shape:

Springtime has once again sprung up on us which means beach season is only a few weekends away. But why are we so focused every year on fitting into a certain style or trend?  We’re here to remind you that whether you’re a pear shape, an hourglass, busty, or some other body comparison, you’re going to look beautiful in one of our flattering bathing suits. Dress for your body and let the world know you embrace your beauty inside and out (and get ready to get noticed.)


Large Chested:

You know it, we’re just telling you. Itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny bikinis are not going to make you feel sexy. Opt for a thicker strapped suit like our Freya Electra Underwire to ensure you feel secure and look amazing.



Small Chested:

Triangle Tops are your friends! We know you’re not trying to pretend like you’re something you’re not, but a nice triangle gives your body some shape and movement. We love the styling and sporty Roxy Sunset Paradise Fixed Triangle top. Spend the day crashing in the waves without worrying about a Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction.



Flat Behind:

If you’re worried about 2D predilections, do not fear. Throw on our favorite floral bikini, Fantasie Wakaya Deep Brief. Prefer a stripe? Go ahead! Fool the world with bright and distracting patterns that will have you feeling confident and bootylicious.



Athletic Figure:

No illusions here. You’ve worked hard and it’s time to embrace your rockin’ Kate Hudson physique with some of our stunning straight across bandeaus. A bandeau perfectly highlights your strength and gorgeous shape. Go retro with your look and check out our Seafolly Block Party Bandeau Bustier.



Large Behind

You have been blessed with a big booty, but so often magazines are trying to contain you causing for strange panty lines and unnecessary discomfort. We’ll say it until the day we die. Embrace your shape! Follow the rule of the Little Black Dress and dress to impress with a statement making one piece. A simple patterned black suit like our Miraclesuit Net Work Piped High Neck Illusion will keep you looking svelte without hiding your curves.



Stomach Worries

Grace Kelly wore one pieces for a reason. They looked AMAZING. No need to let anyone know they’re helping you cover up some potential insecurity. That’s why we’re recommending another gorgeous one piece. The Miraclesuit Up and Coming Marais One Piece Swim Dress is so breathtaking it’ll have everyone feeling a little underdressed for beach day.


We all have our beach day excitement and we all have our beach day woes. It’s time to do away with worry and confidently lay poolside knowing you love your body and know how to dress it!


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