How to Find Your Best Sports Bra

    Picture it: you’ve just signed up for a month’s worth of spin classes, your meals are planned and you’re filled to the brim with positivity, but wait – you don’t have a good bra to work out in. What’s a girl to do? As the bra fit experts we’re here to help you make the best decision in a sports bra to achieve your fitness goals in 2018.

Function Over Fashion

We understand that many thin athleisure or lounge bras, marketed as a sports bra, are fashionable and glamorous. Don’t be fooled by the beauty. A thin, structure-less bra with an attractive print is not going to help you while you’re at a full sprint on the treadmill. To be exact, during bounce tests women with D cup sized breasts experienced bounce lengths of up to 3 inches in each direction. Yes, this bounce over time, without the proper support can and will impact breast sag. Never fear though, you can learn more about our best lifting and supportive bras here. We can assure you there is a beautiful sports bra out there that has everything you need to keep the girls in place while showing off your gorgeous personality.

The Low, Medium and High Impact Difference

Before we talk about fit, let’s dive into the specifics of activity and sports bra type. To begin, there are three different sports bra categories. Low impact, medium impact and high impact. The word “impact” sounds aggressive, but for any woman who has gone running in a poorly constructed sports bra, “impact” is only one way to describe it. The different names relate to the impact or level of activity you are planning to participate in. If you exercise at a few different impact levels, then we recommend equipping yourself properly for all of your indoor and outdoor workout routines at each level. Here at HerRoom we label all of our sports bra as low, medium or high impact right under the pricing and provide a bounce test video for each high impact bras right on the page as well. Here are some activities associated with each impact level:

  1. Low – walking, yoga, strength training, tai chi,
  2. Medium – hiking, flat road cycling, skiing, power walking, elliptical training
  3. High – Running, mountain biking, aerobics, dance

Find the Right Fit

Become one with your sports bra. The fit should be unparalleled to anything you’ve ever worn before, as being tighter than an everyday bra, but not so tight that you cannot take in a deep breath. You’ll feel supported, centered and confident all while sweating like it’s going out of style. A sports bras job is simple when you think about it: minimize breast movement. The minimization of movement comes about through encapsulation and compression. You can have both properties or just one. Encapsulation or containment refers to bras that feature individual cups to support each breast separately, but lacks the compression needed to hold breasts in place during high impact activity These types of bras are usually low impact bras. Simple compression sports bras are what most women have encountered in their lifetime and are most popular with women sized  A-B cups. They will usually pull over the head and squeeze your breasts against your chest wall to restrict tissue movement. These bras are usually for low to medium impact activity. The best sports bras combine encapsulation and compression to create a bra that can rival high impact activities. These bras are supportive and comfortable overall and can control movement of cups up to an O(D12).

     Some features found on sports bras and fit notes to take into consideration when purchasing include: 
  1. The closure: are you a fan of the back, front or an over the head bra? All closures are equal in support, so choose one that you’re comfortable with.
  2. Adjustable straps: do you feel like you’d prefer a customizable fit over time?
  3. Underwire or no underwire: if you’re larger than a D cup, underwire is your friend.
  4. Moisture wicking: do your breasts tend to sweat an uncomfortable amount? If so go with a wicking bra, they move moisture away from you and dry faster
  5. Wide or padded shoulder straps to reduce dig.
  6. Band fit notes: you should be able to fit only two fingers between you and the band.
  7. Discomfort should not exist: no chafing or pinching and you should be able to breathe comfortably.
  8. If you raise your hands, with your bra on it’s loosest closure, your breasts should stay in the bra, not escaping from the bottom; your band should not move either.
  9. Soft and comfortable fabrics are a must.
  10. Backing: go with a  racerback for added breast support or a J hook to create additional optional lift and support if needed.

Remember to always wash your sports bras with care in cold water or on a gentle cycle  in a lingerie/garment bag while either letting it lay out to dry or hang up.

 Here are our top 10 sports bras for 2018:

Panache Full Busted Underwire Sports Bra 

With over 1000 reviews and being an all around best seller, this list wouldn’t be complete with out the Panache Full Busted Underwire Sports Bra. This full-busted underwire sports bra has been independently determined to reduce breast bounce by 83%! Whatever your sport, this sport bra provides the ultimate support, encapsulating your breasts rather than compressing them against your chest. Plus she comes in ten prints including galaxy and leopard. Available in bands 28-40 and cups up to a J(D10).

Wacoal Sports Underwire Bra

    “I love this bra. I do lot of cardio class and zumba. It holds the girls really well. It is very comfortable and I love the new color”, from HerRoom customer Donna, size 34G. Get a great workout without fear of bounce in this high impact maximum support sports bra. It features unique hook adjustments on the straps that lock and stay in place. Moisture-wicking fabric in the cups keep you cool and dry. Floating underwires on the outside ensure comfort. Available in bands 32-42 and cups up to an H(D5).

Elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra with J Hook

  You’ll love this sports bra if you’re a fan of multi-part cups. Minimize bounce and get amazing support in this underwire sports bra. It features 4-part cups with side support panels. HerRoom customer Geri says, “I’ve been wearing this bra for years for all sorts of occasions. I’m only disappointed when I DON’T purchase this bra!”, size 44E. Available in bands 32-46 and cups up to a K(D12).

Freya Sonic Underwire Molded Spacer Sports Bra

  Step up your performance in this cool, comfortable sports bra with great support and a versatile J-hook back. Inner cup support slings are made of COOLMAX which dries five times faster and wicks moisture away from the body. HerRoom customer, CC, says, “Best sports bra I’ve ever purchased! Love how it feels and looks – which is really saying something for a sports bra. Typically, sports bras turn people into uni-boobers and flatten and squash them…. Not this one. It accentuates your shape and supports at the same time. Love it!”, size 38E. Available in bands 28-40 and cups up to a H(D8).

Shock Absorber Active D+ Max Support Sports Bra  

  Designed for the full-busted and full-figure woman who wears a D cup or larger, this extremely well-made, wireless sports bra provides structural seaming with inner support slings for ultimate support. Wide, padded shoulder straps and spacer foam backed hook and eye closure for soft comfort. Adorned with adjustable straps and hook and eye closure allow for the perfect fit. Available in bands 30-40 and cups up to an H(D8).

Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Sports Bra


 Designed specifically for running, this sports bra provides absolute support and friction-free comfort, so you can focus on your performance. Shock Absorber’s Infinity 8 system offers targeted support to control the figure 8 movement of breasts when running. One HerRoom customer says, “I can do any activity and my breasts are secure. The bra is also very comfortable”, size 34GG. Available in bands 30-42 and cups up to an G(D7).

Anita Active Maximum Support Wire Free Sports Bra

  “Perfection. This is the third one I bought. The straps are super comfy with extra padding. Love it.”, says HerRoom customer, M.B, size 38F. High impact and breathable, this sports bra is perfect for the hardest workouts. It features highly functional pique fabric and netting inserts in the back to regulate moisture absorption. Available in bands 30-46 and cups up to an H(D5).

Shock Absorber Multi Sports Max Support Sports Bra

  This high impact, fashionable sports bra features double-layer cups with inner slings for added support. Popular crop-top design features internal cup-sized support and may be worn as outer or innerwear. HerRoom customer, KM, says, “This is the BEST sports bra brand I’ve found for higher impact. I am so happy to find a way to get a wide selection of them.”, size 38D. Available in bands 30-40 and cups up to a HH(D9).

Glamorise Underwire High Impact Sports Bra


  HerRoom customer, Nea, says -“This bra is amazing! It’s the first sports bra I’ve ever owned that was able to support the girls (I’m a 36F) AND still allow my two distinct and separate boobs to not morph into a crazy uni-boob…it fit perfect, arrived in time and I love it!!” This high impact sports bra features seamless cups with padded Wonderwire design so underwires don’t touch the body. The tall, two-way stretch back moves when you do. Available in bands 32-46 and cups up to a G(D4).

Enell High Impact Front Close Sports Bra 

You’re going to be a real fan of this supportive sports bra! Front hook and eye closure makes getting in and out easy, even when you’re sweaty from an intense workout. HerRoom customer, Becky Sue, raves, “I saw a recommendation for this brand on a running website. I love it! Certainly provides fabulous support & looks good while doing it. I ordered the red one first, in a smaller size. It is just a bit too tight so I kept it but ordered another one in black, one size up. Perfect! I’m no longer aware of my bouncing boobs while running. Wonderful support.”, size 4X. Available in sizes S-6X.

   Thank you again for stopping in to read our blog on the best sports bras for your 2018 fitness goals. Leave us a comment of the bra or bras you’re most interested in and feel free to stop by any of our social pages for more bra fit expertise and lingerie drawer inspiration.

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