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 Welcome back to the HerRoom blog, you’ve clicked in, therefore you’re experiencing what most women like to call: gravity. We are spilling our secrets on the best lifting and shaping bras for every woman. To start we’d like to underline, that any bra should make you feel well supported, lifted and beautiful if you are fitted properly. This may seem untrue at first, but we’ve been in enough fittings to know that the wrong size bra can affect your silhouette, and posture as well. Recently we came across a woman who was wearing a 36B, overall she was moderately comfortable in this bra, except for a little space in the cup. She often thought she was wearing too large of a cup, but as it turns out she was a 30D. To fit her properly, we measured her under bust at 30 inches and then put her in a D cup for a full coverage seamless fit, since her measurement across the fullest part of her bust was 35 inches. We could say she was astounded, but we feel like that word isn’t powerful enough to really convey how happy and surprised she was to know that her true size was a 30D, with her sister size being a 32C. To measure yourself and see if you’re wearing the right size, visit our HerRoom Bra Size Calculator, all you need is a tape measure!

    Back to why you’re here, the lifting and sculpting bras. Understanding why and how your breasts may change over time due to natural processes is important. Natural body altering processes all women experience come from the beauty of child birth, age specific metabolic shifts or even personal choices, such as dietary changes. Scientifically speaking, your breasts are compiled of fat, milk producing lobules and muscle, therefore are impacted by all matters of change in your life. If any abnormalities occur, we recommend contacting your health care professional immediately.

     If you’re done with the sweet miracle of childbirth and are past nursing, we say try out a push-up bra. Women ages 40+ often experience a natural and normal initial “sagging” or “flattening”. This is called “breast ptosis” by medical professionals. You could also experience this when you lose a large amount of weight very quickly. Breast ptosis is usually caused by decreasing collagen and skin elasticity. Like we said, this is perfectly normal, you’re more average than you are different if you’re experiencing a sag in your breast tissue.

    Push-up bras are now made for women up to an H cup. A push-up bra’s power is in its name, it helps push the girls up to create cleavage for a beautiful and feminine look. Not to be confused with some bras and lingerie that can push your breasts up to your chin. You can find a push-up feature on daily underwire bras such as Curvy Couture’s Dream Lift Push Up Underwire Bra, available in bands 34-44 and cups up to an H(D5). Another great option for a push-up is Maidenform’s Custom Lift Extra Coverage T-Shirt Bra, available in bands 34-38 and cups up to a DD(D2) – both are shown above. Many women often find themselves wearing form-less bras as their everyday bra, such as a leisure bra, due to the overwhelming task that is finding the right fit. If that is you, and the thought of a push-up bra seems daunting, we have a few other options that can help shape and sculpt you without padding.
     Finding your best fit is our number one priority. Therefore, we can just as easily recommend a couple of soft cup and multi-part cup bras as well. Elomi’s Cate Underwire Full Cup Banded Bra (shown above), available in bands 34-46 and cups up to a (US) O(D12), is one-hundred percent padding free. The transversal and vertical seaming shapes and lifts; your breast tissue will always be directed by the seam of your bra. The side support panels create a more centered silhouette by lifting your breasts upward and pointing them forward. Additionally, this bra has one of our favorite features: tall, smoothing powermesh sides and back panels for a beautiful fit under clothing. For a seamless option, consider Wacoal’s Stark Beauty Underwire Bra (shown above), available in bands 32-44 and cups up to an H(D5). This underwire bra delivers striking understated sexiness, fine quality and excellent support. The stretchy molded cup is designed to hug each breast and form to their individual shape. The support comes from the supportive inner side sling within the cup to center and shape your breasts. The center pull strap is handy as well, as this feature pulls inward and upward naturally.

  Maybe you’re more focused on prevention, but is it possible to defeat gravity? Dr. Randal Haworth, MD believes there is. With his NightLift invention women can now protect their breasts and décolletages from a natural droop while sleeping. This bra may look odd (shown above), but it has been scientifically engineered to keep breasts immobilized and decrease the impact of downward gravity. Want to learn more about this bra, click here.

  Before closing, we wanted to highlight a few important features to look for when identifying your perfect lifting and sculpting bra:

  • Good fabric – avoid thin and delicate lace fabrics
  • Thick and padded straps for comfort
  • Wide underwire to hold and support the breast tissue
  • A thick band to hold up and support; powermesh is a bonus for smoothing
  • Multi-part cups – for those wishing to avoid padding
  • Gradual apdding for a natural push-up
  • Leotard back – hugs the band closely to your body
  • The right center panel for your breasts – click here to learn more
   Thank you for stopping in to learn more about the best sculpting and lifting bras for your body. We hope you learned a little something about your body and moving forward, can shop with confidence. Visit our Bra Fit Center to dive deeper into our bra knowledge tips, tools and tricks!

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