The Best Nursing and Maternity Bra For You

Your breasts seem to have a mind of their own when you’re pregnant or right after you’ve given birth. Motherhood is full of new and exciting beginnings, but you weren’t quite ready for these surprises. Never fear, we’re here to help you learn to live with and love your new breasts. To learn more about nursing and maternity bra fitting specifics click here.

The swelling in your breasts may lead to pain and discomfort. Heed our words: buy a supportive bra, a heating pad, hot compresses and the best darn breast pump on the market. You may have done some research and found that not only are your breasts going to quickly swell and ache from lactation, but you might even fall victim to clogged ducts/infection. Nothing is foolproof, but you can actually ensure this won’t happen to you if you’re wearing the right bra.

Meet some of our favorite nursing bras:

Cake Lingerie Croissant Seamless Spacer Foam Nursing Bra

This little beauty has it ALL! It has a seamless design, the 4 hook feature, smoothing sides, thick elastic straps and the fold down flap for easy nursing. You might be thinking, “waiting a minute, doesn’t this bra have underwire?”. You’re absolutely right, it does and guess what, that’s fine. Our fitters recommend this nursing bra 100%, they say “don’t fear underwire, fear an ill-fitting cup”, just don’t sleep in underwire while nursing.

Elomi Beatrice Soft Cup Nursing Bra

If you’re not feeling the underwire, we say go with this beauty. She’s got all the features as the Cake bra, and then some. Our favorite quality: this bra is moisture wicking! HerRoom customer, Julie says, “ I started wearing this before the baby even got here because my breasts had gotten so heavy during the last couple weeks of my pregnancy. It was more comfortable for me to sleep in rather than no bra at all. It was very helpful in making nursing my baby easier and more convenient”.

QT Molded Cotton Blend Nursing Bra

If you’re in need of a basic, no frills supportive bra, the QT is for you. She is wireless with very soft cups, has an elastic under band for support and is moisture wicking. Many of our HerRoom customers agree that this bra is comfortable and gets the job done at a great price.

Maternity bras are a completely different ball game. These amazing bras stretch while you are pregnant as your breasts begin to grow. These comfortable bras are also perfect to wear after baby if you choose not to breastfeed. The rules of maternity bras are simple: know your band size and buy one band size bigger for leeway, always buy a cup that stretches and get yourself at least three to last your entire pregnancy and post, remeasuring yourself three weeks before your due date for your optimal size.

Of course, we have some wonderful recommendations:

Bravado Designs Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra

We love this bra for new mothers. The cups allow for growth, the straps are nice and thick, plus this bra has a matching breast pump accessory, you can find that here. This Bravado bra even has removable inserts for added protection. We don’t hate the fact that this bra comes in so many colors, for whatever mood you’re in that day.

Cake Lingerie Sugar Candy Full Bust Nursing Bra

For larger busted women that will in time become even bustier, you might want to get to know this Cake Lingerie bra. HerRoom customer, Sarah says, “I LOVE this bra! I’m a 32G and every other seamless non-wire bra rides up my back and provides no support because I have to order a size large to accommodate my bust, but then the band is too big. Because this bra is designed for larger busts, I wear the size small and it supports my G cup bust with a tight enough band for support. So happy they made a bra for larger busts!”.

Maybe you want something a little “racy”? Something that says, “I’m a sexy mama”, but a well-supported, currently nursing mama. We’ve got a few of those bras as well, and they are stunning! Check them out:

Le Mystere Sexy Mama Nursing Bra

The Le Mystere Sexy Mama has been raved about for quite a while now, featured in Consumer Reports Magazine, InStyle Magazine, and E! Online. One of our favorite reviews of this bra is from HerRoom customer, “ladybrawwearer”, she says, “I bought this after getting fed up with Target nursing bras that simply couldn’t handle my milk-loaded figure. Worth the money! This bra is rock solid, and very pretty. I’ve worn it very heavily through two babies now, and it’s still in one piece!”.

Rosie Pope Underwire Unlined Lace Nursing Bra

If you want something a little smaller, we understand. Everyone experiences pregnancy differently, including how our breasts react. The Rosie is more petite when it comes to the cups and straps, but is still very supportive and stylish.

Motherhood is amazing even when you may be stressed about your breasts. Thankfully we have the ultimate bra advice to share and more, to read more about specific maternity and nursing bra sizing, check out our info center here. If you’re interested in reading about some of our top lifting and sculpting bras leave us a comment on our Facebook page, and thank you for stopping by!









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