Not Just for Guys: Your New Three-Piece Suit

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The garter belt is one of most misunderstood items in lingerie. Most women assume that the piece is more about fashion than function, with its primary role to add sex appeal to any ensemble. After all, the garter belt with a matching bra and panty is one of the most quintessential lingerie “suits,” with a history that dates back to the 18th century, when garters were elaborately decorated and embroidered with names, dates or even humorous phrases. However, once women overcome the initial intimidation associated with garter belts and their matching pieces, they can unearth the ease with which garter belts work, and enjoy a comfortable and flattering head-to-toe silhouette.

Garter belts consist of an elastic strip usually at least two to three inches width, but can be wider, that is worn around the waist, to which two or three elastic suspender slings are attached on each side. The suspenders clip to the stockings to lock them in place. Today’s garter belt and stocking combinations offer maximum support with a flattering and ever-sexy look.

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Whatever your comfort level is, there are garter belts and stockings to serve you. L’Agent by Agent Provocateur’s Dani Suspender Garter Belt features a sewn-in elastic waistband with sheer lace front panel and mesh back panels. It’s a sexy and seductive way to keep hosiery in place from day-to-night but is still buttoned-up and chic. Meanwhile, this Dreamgirl set is a unique fusion design of a panty and garter belt. Made of nylon and spandex, the piece features modest rear coverage, a mid-rise and comfortable microfiber and the detachable exposed elastic garters. It’s an alternative to the super sexy look often associated with garter belts and offers support in style. For a “more is more” flirtatious offering, b.tempt’d, Freya and Curvy Kate offer lacey, risqué garter styles, some of which come with matching bras and panties and corresponding thigh high hosiery.

While certainly sexy, garter belts can provide practicality to your day-to-night lingerie look. Go ahead, discover the allure to this classic piece. You may never go back.

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