5 Bra Accessories To Make Life Easier


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If you have ever worn a bra, you’ve likely had a few mishaps. That’s just the nature of apparel that targets a party of the body that is different for every woman. No pair of breasts are exactly the same.

We all have our own special set of issues when it comes to bra fit. The more and more I talk about bras with friends and female co-workers, the more troubleshooting stories I hear. While it would be ideal to have a bra designed for every outfit, it’s not highly likely that most of us will accomplish that. So here’s some fixes:

See-Through Bra Strap Converter: Made of clear polyurethane, these bra strap converters are nearly invisible.

Troubleshooting Solution: Pulls together the straps of your favorite traditional bra to wear with razorback or cut-away shoulder shirts.

Fashion Tape: Double-sided tape that adheres safely for bra-to-garment wear.

Troubleshooting Solution: Fashion tape is perfect for keeping a strapless dress or shirt in place. Good-bye, frustrating slips!

Racer Back Clips: Similar to converters, these bra clips pull your straps in back to wear with your racerback tops.

Troubleshooting Solution: When constantly fiddling with your bra straps is not an option, clips will do the trick. Bonus: bra clips will give an extra lift to your front cleavage.

Shoulder cushions: Here is where soft silicone saves the day. Bra straps slide right into the shoulder cushions.

Troubleshooting Solution: Preventing painful strap indentations are one of the great benefits of these bra accessories. Also, the cushions help keep straps from slipping.

Bra Back Extenders: These bra extenders connect to your rear-fasteners and come in different sizes to match up with how many rows of hooks your bra has. And they come in different colors.

Troubleshooting Solution: Great for pregnant women whose breast size keeps changing faster than they can get to the store or for any woman whose size fluctuates.

Do you have any favorite bra accessories? Any success stories with one we’ve mentioned here?

Meghan Barich is a writer, the storyteller at meghanbarich.com and a proud Hoosier. When she’s not crafting the next story, you can find her nose-in-a-book or walking her dog, Moose.

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