What your man’s underwear preference says about you

Jacqueline Wells

The woman makes the man and his underwear is no exception. A lot can be said for the way you inspire your partner to dress and act. We love those secret cues that show you he’s looking to impress.  Find some insight into what your man’s subconscious is trying to say and what that says about you.

Polo Ralph Lauren Boxers

1) Your man is a boxer guy

You’re a take it easy kind of lady. So long as the job gets done you’re happy. When you and your man wake up on a Sunday morning, messy haired, and comfortable, you’re not worried about instagramming your latte for all your friends to see. You’re living in the moment and not sweating the little things.

fly front briefs

2) A gentleman in briefs

Shout out to the Type A’s. You’re not asking for much, but you’d like to avoid any potential undergarment disasters or discomforts. Who can blame you? Your partner’s the same way. Keep it loose and free in the evening, the rest of the day he has things to do and can’t be worried about the proverbial nip-slip!

boxer briefs

3) Boxer Briefs

Tomato, tomato. Why not all the comfort without any of the stress? Your man’s preference in this case says you’re both go-with-the-flow sort of people. You don’t mind getting caught in a rainstorm, but one of you has an umbrella just in case you change your mind.  Embrace your adventurous spirit, pack your man a windbreaker, his best boxer-briefs, and hit the road.

Male Power Thong

4) Man Thong

Lock it down. You are fearless and non-judgmental. You’re able to handle any sort of curveball your bold and avant-garde partner sends your way. Pat yourself on the back for the security you have in the face of bold fashion choices from the one you love. Don’t knock it until you try it we say, and thank god your man followed suit.


Whether or not you and your man are a birthday suit couple or year round long-john wearers it’s nice insight into the style and comfort of your relationship. We spend so much time in our underwear, our choices are very telling. Like a partner, you’re choosing to spend a lot of time with your underwear. Enjoy it. The company (in this case underwear) we keep tells us a lot about the person. Next time you and your boo are snuggling in your skivvies smile to yourself knowing you inspire each other.