Bra Vending Machines: Helpful Or A Waste Of Time?

(Image via Incredible Things)

(Image via Incredible Things)

Typically when we think of vending machines we think of snack foods or some caffeine that will get us through our workday. However in Japan, vending machines can now provide you with much more than just food.

Une Nana Cool Corp, a subsidiary of Wacoal, installed a bra vending machine in a Tokyo shopping mall this past summer. Each bra cost around $27. However now sales information from the bra vending machine has been released and has shown the experiment was a total flop.

No shocker here, but we weren’t surprised to hear this news. Who can actually buy a bra from a vending machine? As most of us know it is necessary for women to try on and actually see how the bra fits. Even if a women knows her bra size it is still ideal to try on. At least with online shopping you have the ability to return, but with vending machine purchases that just is not the case.

If you think your bra size is the same for every brand think again! We know this through the Universal Cup Size™ system, which shows one woman with 3 different bra brands and 3 different sizes that all fit. Take a look here to see what we are talking about!

While it seemed like a good idea at first, it showed the Japanese company that women will stick to buying bras online or at the store.

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