Bros In Bras?

When I asked several of my male friends if they’d ever wear a bra for a good cause or otherwise, I couldn’t get a serious answer out of a single one of them. All they had for me were jokes like “I’m wearing one now,” and “Only if the straps are in front.”

I worry about that last fella! Has he actually ever seen a woman’s bra? Bra straps go over the shoulders and clasps and snaps pull together front-closure bras. Oh boy! I get why they joked. Just the thought of either of those men in a bra—front-closure or otherwise—makes me giggle.


(Flickr credit: Some rights reserved by Fifth World Art)

But the Omaha World-Herald recently reported in its article “Men Will Wear Bras for a Good Cause” that some men are taking this seemingly silly idea very seriously. Bros in bras will strut their stuff at an event called “For the Girls” to raise money to benefit breast cancer research and equipment. The article states that the same event last year raised over $90,000.

All jokes aside, that’s a serious chunk of change. I know I’d pay some good money to see some of my jokester friends adorn themselves in some frilly bras. Just to see their blushing faces emerge onto a catwalk would make my year! I say “kudos” to the Omaha residents that planned this great event for a more-than-worthy cause. Above the financial benefit, ladies struggling with the reality of fighting breast cancer get to come out for a night of fun, which is priceless.

Lest we not forget that breast cancer in the male population is a reality, too. Not to be a downer—at all. I find this fundraising effort inspiring and a great way to bring light to a battle that can be dark. Involving bros in bras brings men into the awareness mix.

So I ask you bros out there again: would you wear a bra for a good cause?

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