Can Your iPhone Really Measure Your Bra Size?

(image via ThirdLove)

A new app has rolled out showcasing the ability to find the correct bra size just by taking pictures with your iPhone.

The goal of ThirdLove is to revolutionize the way women shop by using computer vision to simplify the bra finding process.

The app asks each user to follow their picture taking directions so it can detect physical characteristics that produce data to match you with one of the company’s custom-fit bras.

And while there are already a lot of online tools out there to help women with this dilemma, I decided to test out the technology myself and see if it lives up to it’s claims.

Taking pictures on your iPhone sounds easy enough but in order to make this app work, it requires very exact images that are difficult to achieve.

While I love the idea of a custom made bra, unless you are a basic bra size, this app does not have options for you. And unfortunately, most of the women who have bra fitting issues do not fit into the sweet spot size range offered by ThirdLove.

Essentially, this app is creating a new bra sizing scheme. However, the problem is that the technology works just with the company’s bras and no other brands. So, if you find your size, you can’t then take that size and buy anywhere else.

Additionally, I read that the site is hoping to create a sort of Netflix star rating system for bras – “bra wearers like you also loved this bra.”  Though it works for movies, I’ll be interested to see how it works for bras.  Experience in this industry has taught me that a 20-something who wears a 34D is wanting a very different bra than a woman who’s also a 34D but 40 or 80.  You can watch or turn off a movie but you actually need to wear a bra.

I will always applaud anyone who is trying to help a woman find her true bra size.  But for now, ThirdLove still has a few kinks to work out.

Have you used ThirdLove? Want do you think of the concept?

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