Would You File A Lawsuit Over Your Bra?

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(Flickr credit: All rights reserved by DannaOShee.com)

Recently a server at a posh Washington D.C. lounge sued the company for not allowing her to wear a bra with straps.

The W Hotel’s P.O.V. Lounge requires their waitresses to wear skimpy outfits. According to the Washington City Paper, the outfits also mandate wearing a type of bra where the straps do not show.

One of the waitresses, Jahair Bratton, claims the lack of support for her breasts caused major back pain.

We all know how uncomfortable it is to wear a bra that doesn’t support your breasts. Bratton felt the same way and complained about not having the option to wear the bra she needed.

After complaining for two months, Bratton was fired. It is unsure whether she was fired for her complaints or for being late to work.

Either way, wouldn’t you do the same if you couldn’t wear a bra that felt comfortable to you?

Now Bratton has taken her concerns to court and is suing the hotel for $350,000.

Do you think Bratton is valid in this case? If this happened to you, what would you do? 

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