Finding Your “Sister Bra Size”

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When it comes to the struggles of finding the perfect fitting bra, every woman has been there.

And despite the fact that most of us think we know what size we are, problems can still come into play when companies have different methods for sizing. For example, while in one brand you may wear a 34 C, in another you could be a 36 B.

This is precisely why we should all be aware that we have a “sister.”

What do we mean you ask? The folks at LifeHacker have helped point out  this HerRoom infographic which showcases the “sister bra sizes.”

These are the sizes surrounding your actual bra size that can help you quickly find a size that will actually fit with a brand that may run against the norm.

With the step by step instructions in this infographic, hopefully the process of finding the perfect fitting bra will be slightly less headache inducing.

What is your biggest struggle with finding the perfect bra?

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