Lingerie Shopping: Does Your Significant Other Really Know You?

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner you might be expecting some lingerie from that special person in your life.

However, are you sure your significant other knows the size you need?

According to an article in the Carmarthen Journal, 6 out of 10 men don’t know their partner’s bra size.

And even though many of us are expecting lingerie from our man, we may want to double check that thought. Surprisingly, a poll shows 83 percent of women want lingerie while most men think flowers will do the trick.

men buying lingerie If your man does in fact end up buying you lingerie, make sure to not be too judgmental if he picks up the wrong size.

Since many of us are wearing the wrong bra size to begin with, we can’t be too upset with our guy for making the same mistake as well.

If you feel like you are wearing the wrong bra size, go to HerRoom where you can follow an easy step by step guide to figure out what size you truly are.

Either way, it looks like both men and women have some homework to do on finding the right bra size.

So, maybe drop some hints to your significant other, because if you do receive gorgeous lingerie this Valentine’s Day, you’ll want it to fit perfectly.

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