Men and The 7-Year Undie Stretch

men's underwear

And now we know what we kind of wish we didn’t, but really we already knew: men keep their underpants a really long time—longer than you might think. A survey recently revealed that men keep their underwear seven years on average, as reported by KSDK in St. Louis.

“I don’t think men care about their underwear and looking…I don’t want to say sexy in their underwear but it’s not important to them,” one woman interviewed by KSDK said. One man admitted that he waits until the washing machine shreds his underpants before tossing them out. And another man said that it’s a pain to shop for new underwear, so unless someone else is shopping them for, they just hold onto them.

Once guys find a fit and style that’s comfortable for them, they’ll often return to same underwear brand a cut. Our brother site, HisRoom, makes it easy for men to grab the same-old-same-old underwear or try something new with fitting tips. As the 2014 Undie Awards wrap up, men (and women) can be in the know as to which underwear brands and styles are the most popular—providing a hint for a new buy for your guy.

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