Get the Look: Top 5 Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

Jacqueline Wells

From no-nonsense businesswoman Cookie Lyon to the kick-butt “Bad Blood” version of Taylor Swift, dressing up as this year’s pop culture icons pose a fun challenge for Halloween. Whether you want to spice things up with this year’s costume or keep it G-rated, one thing’s for sure, you’re going to need the proper undergarments to pull it off. Here are a few suggestions for how to channel your favorite pop culture queens.

pop culture halloween costumes 2015
Hanky Panky Slick Signature Lace Bodysuit

Cookie Lyon of “Empire”

Often styled in flamboyantly colored furs, hats and skintight clothes, Cookie Lyon is in a fashion league all her own. Being that fierce from head to toe demands undergarments that are just as epic. If you decide to go for a classic Cookie look like a body-hugging leopard dress and matching fedora, you better be just as sassy underneath. The Hanky Panky Slick Signature Lace Body Suit, a lacey black floral design with a tantalizing “wet look,” is exactly what you need for a believable Cookie Lyon transformation. Complete with a thong back, this bodysuit gives you all the cheekiness—and versatility—you need to run an empire.

pop culture halloween costumes 2015
SPANX Look-At-Me High Waisted Cotton Leggings

Taylor Swift in “Bad Blood”

Taylor Swift’s character in her “Bad Blood” music video is all about kicking butts and taking names. Dark eye makeup and an ultra form-fitting and extra shiny wardrobe define the looks in this video about betrayal and vengeance, including an intense scene of Taylor and squad walking into “battle.” To recreate this outfit for Halloween, go for a black bralette by Hanky Panky. The design is lacy in the back and on the sides but still offers that “wet” black edginess. Though a pair of black high-waisted shorts could easily complete this look, try switching it up with the SPANX Look-At-Me High Waisted Cotton Leggings. Not only do they add extra support and control for the tummy area, they’ll keep you warm during those chilly late October nights. Add some black eyeliner and Chinese throwing stars and you’re good to go.

pop culture halloween costumes 2015
fine lines Satin Strapless Bustier


Queen Bey has countless looks to choose from. Regardless of whether you want to go as “Single Ladies”-era Bey or stick to her more recent looks, you’re probably going to need a good bodysuit or corset. The tantalizing Dreamgirl Beyonce Corset and Thong set should do the trick. Made with Venice lace and faux leather, the corset is the ideal balance of sweet and sassy. If you’d rather not go lacey, try the Satin Strapless Bustier by fine lines, which leaves you with a sexy silhouette and a more polished look. Add tights and heels to complete your outfit. Another option is going full-bodysuit Beyonce. The Va Bien Classic Firm Control Bodysuit accentuates curves and tucks the tummy for a smooth, alluring figure. Dress it up with black pumps, long tresses, red lipstick and a microphone. Thank goodness there are so many ways to become the queen.

pop culture halloween costumes 2015
Splendid Jersey Ribbed Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Tee

Anastasia Steele

Shy, mousy and trend-averse, Anastasia Steele is a woman with secrets and allure. To become the introverted character seduced by Mr. Grey, you’ll want to start with a pair of fitted jeans or Hue Denim Shaping Leggings. Next, slip on a simple white tank or t-shirt, such as the Splendid Scoop Neck Tee, finished with a blazer, scarf and flat boots. Don’t forget the bangs and innocent lip biting. That’s how Christian falls for you.

pop culture halloween costumes 2015
Chantelle Rive Gauche 3 Part Cup Bra

Kimmy in “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”

No one in the universe is as amped up on positivity as Kimmy Schmidt. Wearing a huge smile and bold colors, she walks to the beat of her own happy drum. Of course you’ll need a bright yellow cardigan, hot pink jeans and a backpack to become Kimmy, but it’s worth extending the day-glo palette to what’s underneath. Try a tyrian pink Chantelle Rive Gauche 3 Part Cup Bra and Maidenform Hip Fit Boyshort Panties in yellow to really get in character. Not everyone will know the extent of your commitment to becoming Kimmy, but that’s part of the charm.

From tough chick to happy girl, creating your ideal look for Halloween can be accomplished with just a few simple pieces. Once you’ve got your costume ready, prepare to be the best-dressed of the trick-or-treat set.