Put Down The Oreos! Your Bra Says So

(Image via HerRoom) Yet another high-tech bra could soon be hitting the market, and only time will tell if it will last. Microsoft is branding this new undergarment as one with a purpose, specifically as a smart bra that can monitor the wearer’s mood to prevent overeating caused by stress.

This technology is supposed to detect stress while giving people the proper tools for dealing with it. But honestly, I have serious doubts I will drop my handful of Oreo cookies just because an app on my bra tells me I am stressed.

Test subjects during researching wore the removable sensors with their own personal bras, so it wasn’t one-size-fits-all. The data was sent to a smart-phone app so the women could track their moods. This wearable, mobile mood-detection system is feasible I get that, but I don’t think it’s a viable or needed product.

Stress is caused by many things, and is equally solved by many factors as well. I can be stressed from work, yet that doesn’t mean I will overeat. Or if I get my heart broken, data analysis that tells me I am on the verge of a mental breakdown clearly will not stop me from eating an entire pint of ice cream.

However, if Microsoft really wants this product to do well, they should consider a loud alarm or a human voice message that yells at me to put down the cheese cubes at my holiday party.

The idea behind the new prototype is to give women information about their moods so they can then make improved decisions.

The bra is meant to be a discrete way to wear the sensors, although battery life is limited to only four hours. I don’t think this is practical, because no busy normal woman has the time to charge her “bra sensor” every four hours while at work. That is stress in itself!

And don’t worry, guys are getting their own sensors soon! After previously tries to make sensored underwear failed due to those “regions” being too far away from the heart, researchers are coming up with a new game plan.  Good luck and adieu!

What do you think of this new bra technology?

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