Say Goodbye to “Back Fat” and “Muffin Top”

back fat

Fall is just around the corner, which means sweaters, skirts and long pants are headed our way. Back and tummy bulges, commonly known as “back fat” or “muffin top,” are no fun for your cute shapely tops and bottoms. Forget your grandma’s girdle – HerRoom has plenty of smoothing solutions to keep you feeling comfortable and looking sleek and chic.

Smoothing Bras
When choosing a bra to wear with a top that is tight-fitting or has light fabric, the last thing you want is to have your front nice and smooth, only to find your back isn’t a match. With back-smoothing bras, help is on its way. Choose your favorite style of bra, but look for something with a leotard back, wider side or a lightweight fabric.

Smoothing Camisoles
By themselves or paired with your favorite bra, HerRoom has camisoles to fit your body and your style. Try a full cami in a thin or wide strap. Or if you really love your bra, smoothing camisoles come in a “torsette” style with the front dipped just below your bra line, allowing it to focus on your tummy and your back.

High-Waisted Shapewear
If your troublesome area is your tummy, perhaps you’d rather wear a smoothing bottom. High-waisted shapewear styles offer you a bulge minimizing option on your tummy and lower back, while allowing you to sport the bra of your choice on top. These styles can come in a high-waisted brief, slip, thigh shaper or a tight.

Finding the right lingerie solution to remedy whatever problem area ails you is what is most important. And, having the right fit can often help solve your most unnerving underwear woes, so before you choose, check out HerRoom’s bra fitting solutions to help make sure you find that right fit and style to set you smooth sailing.

What’s your favorite smoothing trick?


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