Soybu Petal Skort, You Make Me Happy

After sweating like a pig in a hot yoga class, I was determined to find something to wear other than my skin tight yoga pants. With the rear-hugging shorts not an option for my large buttocks and me, I was on a mission to find a way to keep my thighs from suffocating in that heat again when I found the Petal Skort—doesn’t that name just sound lovely? Petal Skort.

The first time I wore a skort to hot yoga birds were singing, the sun rose all aglow, and a unicorn jumped over a rainbow. Okay, not really. But it was definitely an oh-happy-day kind of experience.

Here’s why I love the Soybu Petal Skort:

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 4.00.44 PM It’s cute. It actually has petals layered at angles like a flower. It’s not frilly, but is definitely girly. It’s hard to feel feminine in activewear and this skort achieves that.

The layered petals compliment all buttocks shapes and sizes.

The skort is the most brilliant alternative to shorts for women with substantial thighs like me. No riding and bunching up in the crotch.

I’ll say hot yoga again. Wearing a skort removes the distraction of uncomfortable long pants which allows me to stay present in the yoga practice.

It’s made for tough workouts, but transitions into an appropriate outfit for the grocery store and quick errands.

Sweat pants fit well over the skort for colder days.

Rarely do I find exercise apparel very exciting, but this skort excites me! Finding workout clothes that fit well, and that are attractive isn’t the easiest task. I feel great going into yoga class with the skort on, and even better when I leave.

Do you have a favorite piece of activewear that motivates you? 

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