Top Drawer: My First Bra Experience

Fears_Melissa Getting your first bra can be both exciting and embarrassing.  It is one of the ultimate rites of passage as a young girl becomes a woman. It can be liberating and fun, because wearing a bra means you’re growing up! 

For me my mom never really talked about how boys would react to girls wearing bras, but I’m almost glad she didn’t. Wearing a bra was never really discussed, just like shaving my legs, or the complex relationship between girls and boys. It just happened one day. And this is how I found myself filled with embarrassment and tears in my eyes holding my first bra, having no idea (and I mean no idea) what to do with it. Do I have to wear this thing every day!?

Twice a year, back to school and in spring, my mom would take me to the mall where we’d spend hours trying everything on, from shoes to jeans.

But one day in fifth grade it all changed. My mom took me to the one department we had never shopped in before, the one department that would never be a mystery to me again. The lingerie department! While we’d shopped in the areas filled with panties, we’d never ventured into the deep aisles of bras, lingerie and shapewear.

While trying on each training bra option, (it was required for gym class) I wondered a million things… did this mean my childhood was over? What size were all the other girls?

I picked out two training bras in white and tan, plus a white sports bra.

The dreaded day came when I wore it to gym class for the first time and we changed. I noticed a girl go all by herself into the big bathroom stall, while everyone else changed out in the open. I wondered to myself, why is she doing that? Then I realized it was because she has a REAL bra, while all of us were wearing training bras. She had real boobs and a real bra. I never felt more insecure. Should I look like that too?

What happened, and how did you feel, when you got your first bra? Share your story with the girls who are still waiting for their first bras.

Melissa is a twenty-something full-time freelance writer with a penchant for traveling and design. Lace and bold colors always catch her eye in fashion. Plus she always loves a good deal!

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