Underwear Fit For An Olympian

In a few weeks millions will be watching the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Even though most of us will be tuning in to see the world’s top athletes go head-to-head, here at HerRoom we’re also interested in what they might be wearing to perform at their best!

While we don’t know what panties every athlete will be wearing, we thought we’d come up with a couple of suggestions that will have everyone channeling their inner Olympian:

Comfort #1. Moving Comfort

For athletes it is especially important to have the flexibility to move freely. With stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric, Moving Comfort is the perfect fit. Users say Moving Comfort underwear stays in place while working out, and lays flat without showing any panty lines. We know that panty lines may not be a main concern for the athletes, but some of those Olympic suits are pretty tight! For us not participating in the Olympics, Moving Comfort underwear would be great for doing a lot of cardio.

patagonia #2. Patagonia

Patagonia underwear, specifically their line of Body Active panties, provides the perfect amount of stretch and also keeps you dry. Even though these sports may be in the cold, we know our athletes are still burning up a sweat! This type of underwear is perfect for athletes because it holds up in extreme workouts. And what doesn’t get more extreme than the Olympics?! The same is true for us on the sidelines watching. Whether you have a kickboxing class or an extreme cycling class, Patagonia underwear will support you in all the right ways.

hanky panky #3. Hanky Panky

Many know Hanky Panky is extremely comfortable, but can it hold up during a workout? While it is not the best option for very intense workouts like the two above, Hanky Panky is great for training, which is something Olympians know all about. The Hanky Panky Organic Cotton collection breathes well and is great to wear not just for working out but throughout the day!



We may not know exactly what the Olympians are wearing while they compete, but at least we can help you with your next workout. Hopefully the Olympians battling it out and our suggestions will provide you with some workout motivation!

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